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North Sea Energy Park

North Sea Energy Park 

When low emission and sustainable energy matters!

North Sea Energy Park is a 250 hectares site planned for power intensive industries, as data centers, battery production, hydrogen production and
land based aqua farming.


  • Supplied by green energy
  • Strategic location in vicinity of international airport (Stavanger Airport, 50 min)
  • Deep water port available nearby
  • Planned power: 300 MW
  • Fiber connectivity available
  • Water cooling available

Business areas

North Sea Energy Park will focus on facilitating business for:






Why North Sea Energy Park?

North Sea Energy Park based South-West in Norway’s wind power capital
offers scalability, flexibility and infrastructure powered by 100% green energy.

Environmentally friendly

  • 100 % green energy from wind and hydro power
  • Very low CO2–footprint
  • No agricultural conflict with land use

Strategic location

  • Planned for 300 MW
  • Situated in the middle of Norways wind power capital
  • Locally produced power – locally used

Large areas available

  • 250 hectares

  • Scalable  

Strategic location

  • International airport – 50 min
  • Deepwater harbour – 13 min
  • Connectivity

Get in touch

North Sea Energy Park is a public–private partnership. For more information contact Municipal director Ørjan Daltveit.

Contact information
Ørjan Daltveit

Phone: +47 905 00 885